Monitor 1.4% per day (review 2017)

CKminer Current status – NOT PAYING

The minimum deposit – 0.008 BTC

Our Investment – $ 240

The minimum amount for withdrawal of 0.005 BTC

5 Responses to Monitor 1.4% per day (review 2017)

  1. minbit_adm says:

    My deposit 0.3 BTC

  2. Vladamir says:

    21144 KH/s power purchase at CKMINER,
    regular receive profit from team,
    invested more then 6 BTC to site,
    repay time completed and started warning from mining pool,
    loved you team.

  3. minbit_adm says:

    it seems that’s all (

  4. minbit_adm says:

    Yes! They are working again!

  5. Jennifer danny says:

    I have 39016 KH/s power at ckminer pool,
    Invested around 10.06 bitcoin,
    one thing i love most in ckminer pool is site support team,
    once i forgot to add coupon but when i contacted to support they had add my coupon power to my account,
    from that day i believe in ckminer,
    hope for your bright future in future.

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